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Brief listing of upcoming events at:

Awakenings Wellness Center
1016 SE 12th, Portland, OR

Spring Equinox Sound Healing Bath
Friday March 19, 7:30-9p ($20-$30)
On the day of the equal balance between day and night, let us be mindful of bringing our Body-Mind-Spirit into greater Balance and Harmony with the purifying frequencies of my 15 Singing Crystal Bowls and 2 Gongs, along with angelic chimes!

7 Week Deep Dive Chakra Series (& Drop-In)
Tues April 6 – May 18, 7-9pm (Various Pricing)
Let’s Spring into Action this Spring by taking a proactive role in nurturing your Body-Mind-Spirit with this 7 Week Deep-Dive Chakra Balancing Series!
Each Week we will:
~Gain greater in-depth understanding about how each chakra expresses itself when balanced and imbalanced
~Be guided through journaling prompts to help you dig a little deeper into each one of your chakra’s strengths and challenges, and how it may have formed certain beliefs/energies.
Then we’ll lay back and enjoy a guided chakra balancing meditation accompanied by the 432 hz Singing Crystal Bowls!

8 Week Releasing Through the Chakras Transformational Course
The Chakra System as a whole governs every aspects and area of lives. This course provides a thorough system to go deep and release old patterns and limiting beliefs that no longer serve, while integrating empowering nee programs/energy in its place.