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Brief listing of upcoming events at:

Awakenings Wellness Center
1016 SE 12th, Portland, OR

11:11 Toning Our Intentions & Sound Healing Bath
Monday Nov 11, 7:30-8:30p ($11-$22)
Toning of Chakra Seeds Sounds & then a relaxing Sound Bath with Singing Crystal Bowls!

Full Moon Refresh & Recharge Hypno-Chakra Sound Healing Meditation
Wed Nov 13, 7:30-9pm ($20-$30)
Guided through a Chakra Balancing & Activating Meditation while enjoying the purifying frequencies of Crystal Bowls and Paiste Gong!

Transformational Ecstatic Breathwork & Sound Healing Meditation
PENDING Thurs Nov 21, 7-9p ($20)
Breathwork Meditation led by Geoff Falkenberg and sound healing & space holding by Nicole Alcyon as we use the power of our breath to activate the Kundalini life force within, clearing away lower energies and old, stagnant blocks!

New Moon Chakra Thanks-Giving Sound Healing Meditation
Tues Nov 26, 7:30-9p ($20-$30, $15 financial hardship, nobody turned away)
Sending Gratitude to our Chakra Centers as we open more fully to the gifts and support each chakra naturally bestows when in Flow.

QiGong Flow & Sound Healing Bath
Thurs Dec 5th, 7-9p ($30, $25 sliding scale)
Cleanse and energize your energetic field, bringing your Body-Mind-Spirit in greater balance and harmony with this fusion of QiGong & Sound Healing Bath! 45 min of QiGong, 45 minutes of a sound bath afterward!

Full Moon Sound Healing Meditation
Wed Dec 11th, 7:30-9p ($20-$30)
More info TBA – possibly Toning and a Sound Healing Collaboration with Drums, Bowls, Gongs and more!

FREE Xmas Eve Hypno-Chakra Balancing Meditation
Tues Dec 24, 7:30-9p FREE
Enjoy an uplifting and rejuvenating Hypno-Chakra Balancing Meditation with 11 Singing Crystal Bowls, tapping into, anchoring & flowing within our Divinity. Come early, stay later and enjoy community. Food, drinks, snacks provided

Xmas Day Solar Eclipse Transformational Workshop
Wed, Dec 25, 1:30-3:30p ($30, $20-$30 sliding scale)
Fire Releasing Ceremony, Intention Setting for the New Year, and Sound Healing Collaboration with Drums, Gongs, Tibetan & Crystal Bowls! Come early, stay a bit and enjoy food and community!

NYE Sound Healing Collaboration
Tues, Dec 31, 8-10pm (Pre-Reg a MUST – info out soon)
Start the New Year feeling Balanced, Aligned, In The Flow and Recharged with this Sound Healing Collaboration with Drums, Gongs, Tibetan & Crystal Bowls!

8 Week Releasing Through the Chakras Transformational Course
Wed Jan 15 – March 11, 7-9:15p ($222 Early-Bird, Pre-Reg a MUST)
The Chakra System as a whole governs every aspects and area of lives. This course provides a thorough system to go deep and release old patterns and limiting beliefs that no longer serve, while integrating empowering nee programs/energy in its place.