Rates and Services

Hypno-Chakra Therapy

This is a combination of hypnotherapy, chakra balancing and sound healing from my 11 singing quartz crystal bowls.

The investment into a single Hypno-Chakra session is $144.

Only $122 if scheduling next session within 4 weeks.

Package Deal: 5 sessions for $500
Click here for more info on Hypno-Chakra Therapy

Intuitive Spiritual Guidance and Counseling

Connecting to The True Eternal Divine & our Spirit Teams, I am able to receive clear and accurate guidance from them to assist you on your journey through life. Often insightful, we can move through many questions you have have throughout a single session.

$60 for half hour

$111 for an hour

Nutritional Counseling

I actually enjoy eating healthy, it makes me feel good. Being healthy is a big deal to me- I only have this one body and I’d like to experience as great of health as I can when I’m in my 80’s and 90’s God willing. In dealing with my own health issues, I came to learn a lot about what’s going on with the health of society in general, the symptoms that plague us (like candida, SIBO, IBS) and the underlying causes of WHY you may have any of that going on with you (EBV, parasites, fungus/bacteria/viral infection). Candida and the like is not the issue, there’s always an underlying issue that allows the candida to thrive for example. I can provide insights into that.

I also came to learn many new recipes to replace my old favorite, not as healthy *for me* versions. I can share many recipes tailored to your preferences if that interests you. Together we can create a nutrition plan that aligns with your health related goals.

I incorporate my abilities as a medical intuitive into these sessions.

$60 for half hour

$111 for an hour

$144 to include healing tuning fork balancings for the meridians, organs and mineral absorption & assimilation

Triniti Healing Service

This service is for those who would like a combination service of the above. With this service, we will explore beforehand what you are wanting out of the session, and from there we can design a session that would assist you in achieving your goals. Occasionally this may even happen spontaneously during the session, but usually a good plan can be created beforehand.

$222 for a 2-2.5 hour session

Some examples of this service may be starting out with nutritional and medical intuitive advice, and ending with an entity releasing. Or you may desire Tuning Fork Balancings along with Hypno-Chakra Therapy. Perhaps you need some intuitive guidance and spiritual counseling along with Hypno-Chakra Therapy and entity releasing. As long as we can fit it in a 2-2.5 hour session, we can do it!

Simply JUST a Sound Bath

Maybe you just want to relax and refresh your Body-Mind-Spirit while bathing in the harmonizing frequencies of my various sound healing instruments…

We can do that too!

Enjoy my additional 432 Hz Chakra Set of Singing Crystal Bowls that join my old Chakra set of Singing Crystal Bowls, as well as my 2 large Paiste Gongs, Solfeggio Sound Pipes, and more!

$77 for 45 min

$99 for an hour session