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Brief listing of upcoming Sound Healing events:
Full Moon Hypno-Chakra Sound Healing Meditation
Sat, Feb 8, 7-8:30pm
New Renaissance Bookstore
Refresh & Recharge your Body-Mind-Spirit this Full Moon with this Hypno-Chakra Meditation w/ Singing Crystal Bowls Sound Bath!

Hypno-Chakra Therapy is a combination of Hypnotherapy, Chakra Balancing and Sound Healing from my Paiste gong and 11 singing crystal bowls (and other sound healing tools)! These sacred sound instruments penetrate deep down to the cellular level, clearing out the dissonance (the vibrations that don’t belong and/or are out of sync with the natural rhythms) and vibrating each cell back into order and resonance!


Transformational Ecstatic Breathwork Sound Healing Session
Tues, Feb 25, 6:30-8:30pm
New Renaissance Bookstore
In our Dynamic Ecstatic Breathwork & Sound Healing Session, we use specific breath patterns to access our bodies own tools for:
➡Achieving deep states of meditation and self-awareness
➡Releasing held trauma and stagnant blocks, process stuck, stagnant and old energies/patterns/emotions
➡Opening the energy pathways that flow through us
➡Experiencing a full-bodied bliss state as the Kundalini energy is given the opportunity to rise and expand within us!
➡Breathe in and integrate more aligned and empowering energies in place of that which we’ve release!

By opening the energy pathways that flow through us – (the chakras and the central channel) – and letting the kundalini energy rise and expand, we enter into deeper states of peace, connection and bliss!


8 Week Releasing Through the Chakras Transformational Course
Tues Oct 6 – Nov 24, 7-9:15p ($222 Special Early-Bird pricing, Pre-Reg a MUST)
The Chakra System as a whole governs every aspects and area of lives. This course provides a thorough system to go deep and release old patterns and limiting beliefs that no longer serve, while integrating empowering nee programs/energy in its place.
REGISTRATION A MUST – click here for more info: