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Brief listing of upcoming Sound Healing events:

Spring Equinox Sound Healing Bath
Saturday, Jan 15, 2022, 7:30-9p ($30, or $20-$30 sliding scale)
Awakenings Wellness Center
Enjoy a Gong-focused sound healing with 2 large Paiste gongs and over a dozen Singing Crystal Bowls!!

7 Week Deep Dive Chakra Series (& Drop-In)
Tues 2/1/22-3/22/22, 7-9pm (Various pricing)
Awakenings Wellness Center
This 7 Week Deep Dive Chakra & Sound Healing Series incorporates journaling, informational workbook, visualizations/imagery, hypnotherapy, chakra balancing, and sound healing from the 432 hz Singing Crystal Bowl chakra set for a potent way to release the outdated, limiting beliefs that no longer serves, while integrating more empowering energies & intentions in its place!

Our Chakra System as a whole governs all aspects and area of our life… So over the course of 7 weeks, deep diving into each of the 7 chakras, we will delve into each aspect of our own Being and Life to bring about desired shifts and transformations within our life!