7 Week Deep-Dive Chakra Series

This Deep Dive 7 Week Chakra Series incorporates Sound Healing (from the 432 hz Singing Crystal Bowl chakra set ), Hypnotherapy, Journaling, Informational Workbook, Chakra Cleansing & Subconscious Work for a potent way to release the outdated, limiting beliefs that no longer serves, while integrating more empowering energies & intentions in its place!



Our Chakra System as a whole governs all aspects and area of our life… So over the course of 7 weeks, deep diving into each of the 7 chakras, we will delve into each aspect of our own Being and Life to bring about desired shifts and transformations within our life!



Each Week we will:

~Gain greater in-depth understanding about how each chakra expresses itself when balanced and imbalanced
~Uncover/discover your blockages, limiting beliefs, and ways you may self sabotage yourself
~Explore how your limiting beliefs affect each chakra
~Be guided through journaling prompts to help you dig a little deeper into each one of your chakra’s strengths and challenges, and how it may have formed certain beliefs/energies.


~~~Then we’ll lay back and enjoy a guided chakra cleansing meditation accompanied by the 432 hz Singing Crystal Bowls to address the limiting beliefs and programs, release what no longer serves, shift the frequency, and integrate more empowering energies and intentions in its place!


***Each week will be a FULL chakra cleansing and balancing, with the theme aligned to the chakra we’re focusing on that week!***



👇Here’s a peek at what each weekly meditation would look like:


Week 1: Root Chakra: Groundedness & Stability within Health, Abundance & Our Divinity.
Uproot the limiting beliefs within each chakra that no longer serve, as we then anchor in our desired intentions of what we wish to see manifest – in alignment with Divine Timing.


Week 2: Sacral Chakra: Detoxification & Rejuvenation of Body-Mind-Spirit.
Let the Sacral Water wash away what no longer serves within our chakras as we revitalize our Being by connecting to our Innate Creative Life Force.


Week 3: Solar Plexus: Self Empowerment, Confidence, Will-Power & Confidence.
Gain Self-Mastery… Transmute with controlled Fire the shame, guilt and fears that you may have in regards to flexing you personal power and asserting yourself as we anchor in stronger boundaries and a greater sense of confidence, strength, will power, and courage within your chakras.


Week 4: Heart Chakra: Self-Love/Divine Frequency of Love.
Receive/Share… Process old grief and clear judgments/criticism toward self with our Breath as we receive, accept & embrace a higher frequency of Divine Love!


Week 5: Throat Chakra: Authentic and Aligned Expression.
Using breath and sound, we will give voice and expression to each chakra to help move, process, and transform old blockages, as we integrate in new, fresh energies in its place.


Week 6: Third Eye: New Empowering Programs/Beliefs.
Clear old patterns, limiting beliefs and negative self-talk as we integrate a new subconscious program aligned to our higher self and open to divine insights.


Week 7: Crown Chakra: Connect to Divine Flow of Opportunities/Possibilities.
Clear doubts & distrust as we open to and anchor within our multi-dimensional self that connects us to greater faith, trust, opportunities and potentials!



💖Just coming to a single class will be of great benefit as we do deep diving work each week, transforming the old blockages and into empowering new belief system within…


💖But with 7 Consecutive Weeks, we’re taking this potential for deep, lasting and positive shifts to the Next Level – sure to bring the various aspects of life into greater alignment with your Divinity within!



Drop-in to whichever class you wish for $40/class

OR PRE-REG for the most benefit, with a discount and bonuses!


*No risk pre-registration!



*Zero Risk Registering – if you need to cancel the series because your schedule shifted or something, no worries – you can cancel for a full refund up until the start of the 1st class.
If after the 1st class you decide the 7 week chakra series isn’t for you, no worries – you will be refunded all but the drop-in amount for the 1st class ($40) IF you let me know within 24 hours after the 1st class.


Bonus #1: The first THREE who pre-reg will receive a FREE guest pass to a future group Sound Healing Meditation
Bonus #2: All those who register for entire series will receive an in-depth e-book I wrote, delving deep into the energy of each chakra, detailing the function of each chakra, and how imbalances may show itself, along with the journaling questions.
Bonus #3: All who register will receive a print out version of the journaling questions.
Bonus #4: All who pre-reg by 1/9 will receive a print out version of the e-book for free
Bonus #5: All who pre-reg by 1/23 will receive my Hypno-Chakra Balancing CD for free! Bonus 2nd track called Chakra Meditation for Manifestation!



WHEN: 7 Tuesdays, 2/06/24 – 3/19/24

TIME: 6:30-9pm (or arrive between 6:30-7pm if needed)
WHERE: Awakening Wellness Center
1016 SE 12th Ave, PDX 97214


Investment – $277


Also, various pricing options available.


LIMITED Financial Hardship Pricing also available. Select that option if you can’t afford regular/early-bird pricing.


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“I was most definitely guided to one of Nicole’s crystal bowls healings long ago. I have now had the pleasure of knowing her and her work since about 2014. Nicole is a true sorceress. She is in the ‘flow’ state and offers her groups and classes her full presence. Despite that my mind has a hard time relaxing, I know the power and magic of her bowls and guidance is getting through… as my body is always tingling from head to toe. I’ve introduced many to her work and they’ve had the same response.
I’ve given myself the gift of taking her 8-week chakra courses three times and only gone deeper with each series. In one case, I heard a deep inner voice telling me that I had to take a certain action or I would never truly blossom into who I am meant to be. I took that action and I have never felt more myself.
Thank you Nicole, for the impact you’ve had on my life, and for being one of those who walks their talk and follows their own guidance to help and serve those who are blessed enough to come in contact with you.”
-Quinn Rose




“What an amazing healing experience! Nicole is a truly gifted practitioner. She created such a welcoming space where folks of all levels of understanding can come together. The integration after your series has been so amazing, I never expected the healing to continue afterward! I am so thankful for all that I learned and received. Thank you Nicole!”
-Tawnya Wygal




“I went into this class not really knowing what to expect, except that I needed to make some changes in the way I kept holding onto old patterns that truly did not serve me any longer. The work I did was deep and I feel like it will be lasting as well. I left with a deeper understanding of my chakra system as well as a nice toolbox to help me in the future. I will miss listening to Nicole guide me through the meditations, she is a master at what she does. The sound work took me to places that I couldn’t even begin to describe, places that both comforted me and challenged me, then released me from things that I kept holding onto.”
-Tracy Bosnian




“Hey Nicole,
I felt transformed by this course when I took it in the Spring (of 2018). And I sense that doing it again would be very beneficial. I have recommended it to a few friends as well.

I enjoy, and often attend your full moon and new moon sound healing events. But the power of doing weekly sessions, with each having a focus on a single chakra that made the experience especially powerful for me.

Last Spring, the process seemed to shake loose a lot of stuck energy in my lower chakras. And it helped me discover that my heart and throat chakras need work: to be open and flow more fully. These issues have existed within me for a long time, and the process of learning about and working on each chakra, in a focused way, allowed me to identify where and what needed attention, and techniques for how to do the work, during the classes and beyond.

My third eye (thankfully) works pretty well. I practice self-hypnosis/ meditation. And I’ve solidly incorporated chakra work into that practice, as a result of taking your course.

Thanks for doing what you do!”
-Kazzrie Hekati




“Before I started this course, I was in a place of confusion and frustration as I couldn’t understand why negative situations kept resurfacing back into my life. I was unmotivated and felt like I had lost my purpose in life. The course gave me an opportunity to dive deep within myself to find out how certain patterns and habits affected what I wanted to manifest in my life. I started to see a transformation in my life by the third class! Nicole was amazing at the guided meditations and giving genuine advice. I am happy to leave with new mediation techniques, a better understanding of the chakra system, and a deeper connection with my divine self.”
– Drym Davis




“Nicole’s naturally calming and caring energy makes this series truly healing.”
– Cindy Marshall




“Hi Nicole!
I really enjoyed taking your mini chakra course last fall followed by your 8 week course late January to March! It was exactly what I needed to expand my awareness of my chakras and to balance them!
Through your course, I was able to tackle some personal emotions/feelings that brought greater understanding of my true self. It gave me an opportunity to open up and gain acceptance of myself and others. I truly feel that I was able to release a large amount of stuck, negative energy! I am not exaggerating when I say that by the end of the course I felt lighter and happier! It completely prepared me for an AH-MAZ-ING awakening experience! I love the way you organized the chakra work to include information about the chakra, “chakracises”, meditations and journaling. Your sound baths, as always are incredible! They bring warmth, peace and love to my soul. I believe
I am on a path of spiritual expansion and am open to learning more about healing and chakras. I am drawn to chakra work, have experienced being a conduit and feel as if your coursework comes exactly at a time that is perfect. I crave being a part of the collective and hope to someday reciprocate more with whatever I am meant to share.
I look forward to joining you again for this next journey delving into our chakras!”
-Nikki McKinzie




“Nicole is a truly gifted practitioner and her 7 week Chakra course is much more than a class. This integrative series allows you to gain perspective of your unique life experience and release the energy that no longer serves you from your chakras with guided instruction, meditation, journaling and vibrational therapy. The easy to follow lessons empower you to integrate your mind, body, and spirit to live your best life. This series will help you complete inner work for personal growth and activate your ability to move forward on your goals. I highly recommend this course!”
-Patty Ostdiek





For the past 2 decades, Nicole Alcyon has combined her skills as a Hypnotherapist, Sound Healer (with well over a dozen Singing Crystal Bowls, 2 Paiste Gongs and other sound healing instruments), and expertise on Chakra Cleansing/Balancing to create a unique and highly potent approach to therapeutic group sound healing sessions and workshops. She is an experienced facilitator, having led regular and frequent group sessions, events, retreats and workshops since 2005, including Chakra Immersion Workshops. While this particular Chakra Deep Dive Series has morphed over the many years, she has been facilitating them in its current form 2016, even though that has continued to shift in some ways as she evolves and grows.

Nicole graduated from a year-long, in-person Hypnotherapy training program in 2004, and received very clear guidance to purchase a chakra set of the singing crystal bowls that same year. Upon playing her set for the first time, the idea of Hypno-Chakra Therapy was downloaded into her mind and birthed into existence! She has been facilitating private sessions since 2004 and group events since 2005.



Payment Options


*See the Zero Risk Pre-Registration Info above!






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