Testimonials (How I Have Helped People)

Here are some of the kind words that’ve been expressed towards me. Thank you so much.

In your previous sessions I’ve felt myself slip in and out of those alpha waves and lost my sense of self and opened up to the guidance and love that is out there for me and for everyone. I really like your mention of beings of love and light and sparkling white light showering down, and “just as a droplet of water rejoins the ocean”, you rejoin and reconnect to Divine Source. I’ve always liked those words and they affect me deeply in your sessions. Last night I felt I was in those alpha waves almost the entire time.

When I left I was high! I felt like I was still in that bubble or a cloud.
I totally believe that we as humans are going through a shift in consciousness right now. Thank you so so much for facilitating this shift. You’ve helped me and that will in turn help others that I touch. Thank you for helping me be a part of that. It touches me very deeply.
You are a beautiful person. Thank you again!

~Mary H.

Nicole~ I can’t begin to tell you how awesome last nite’s session was=purely divine! Thank you so much for sharing your energy with us. I feel clearer, re-connected, and way more balanced once again..and ‘already’ drawing in my divine abundance today! Namaste=:)

~Neo B.

I attended the last abundance session and I just wanted to give you a physical, verbal thank you; it was great! I gave you a big spirit to spirit thank you after class but not in person. Thanks for being you and offering these classes! I really felt an enormous amount of gratitude for the work you do while I was in my trance/hypnosis the other week J.
~Alana G.

Nicole is clearly gifted! Very powerful experience, and leader. The shift I’m experiencing feels authentic. I appreciated Nicole’s innate abilities and the presence of the Spirit world during the event … it could be heard through her voice. Her ability to play the crystal bowls is great … good volume control without going too loud. Amazing experience! Her singing bowls are going to be a regular on my calendar … very uplifting!


I have been to one of your chakra balancing sessions, thank you. I feel very good about the work you do. After the session, I was able to come home to my family and help them through their healing. It planted a deep seed of love within me, and I have been expanding ever since.

Dear Nicole,
I have bought your Chakra Clearing a while ago and want to say thank you.
All the best, Florian.

I’ve been to your crystal bowl abundance sessions a few times now & EACH time I’ve manifested some form of financial abundance, either within a few days or even instantly (i.e. before I even leave the session)! I am definitely a believer, as this stuff really WORKS! Thank you Nicole, for all the great work you do in the world! I am definitely going to start coming more often (hopefully every month) AND start bringing more friends w/me…Your sessions are so powerful and effective, they should be PACKED w/ people! :D
~Stara S.

[On a facebook invite] This is such a powerful, transformational healing session… I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested or perhaps on the fence.

Hi Nicole,
You may have heard that I married [….],and have moved with him out to E. Washington. Yes, miracles happen! And it was within days of attending your hypno workshop on love!!! So, you can go ahead and take some credit :)
Sincerely and with gratitude,

Hi Nicole
I wanted to send you a note to let you know how much I appreciated you putting the last Tuesday evening class together. [Massage and sound healing event]  It was absolutely AWESOME!!!!!   I can think of several people who would enjoy that session.  Let’s put it out to the Universe to find a larger room to have another one so more people can enjoy such luxury. :D

When I found myself unexpectedly pregnant, I decided to try hypnotherapy for a happy, calm pregnancy and birth. I found the first five sessions to be so amazingly helpful with morning sickness, energy levels, stress and fear that I continued seeing Nicole weekly throughout the entire pregnancy. I tried other things such as massages, herbs, and had a naturopathic midwife doing my prenatal care but hypnotherapy was easily the most helpful thing. The results were dramatic and very obvious – I remember before one session getting up a lot in the night to use the bathroom, after the session I could sleep soundly without waking. I had a very blissful, easy pregnancy, and connected with my baby and knew that he was going to be a boy without having to find out.

Nicole has had a baby of her own using hypnotherapy, so her knowledge and experience were immensely helpful.  She knew exactly what to say, and thanks to her I had a very easy natural home birth. It went so calmly and smoothly that my midwife found it hard to believe that I was actually in labor. I would absolutely recommend that every pregnant woman use hypnotherapy to empower themselves while pregnant and be able to fully enjoy this special time, and also to have a wonderful drug-free birth.
Christine A.


Hi Nicole!
Thank you! Tonight’s session was very helpful! I truly appreciate that you offer your sessions and look forward to attending more.

Nicole, last night’s melding of your gifts, Charles’ and the others was transformational [Body-Mind-Spirit Healing Spa]. I felt an opening as I surrendered to multi-stimuli impacts beyond previous experience. Dreams were different. What an impact we can have when we blend with other’s who are connected to All That Is. Thank you.
Nicole, last night’s melding of your gifts, Charles’ and the others was transformational. I felt an opening as I surrendered to multi-stimuli impacts beyond previous experience. Dreams were different. What an impact we can have when we blend with other’s who are connected to All That Is. Thank you.
~Terry M.

It went way beyond my expectations of the evening. Can not wait to go to another one [Hypno-Chakra Abundance Session]. Nicole is just so tuned in to the message of abundance.
~Susan M.