I don’t normally mix politics and my healing practice, but using the presidential race as an analogy of how we, as a collective, are indeed co-creating the reality right in front of our eyes I felt could be beneficial in helping us understand our innate creative abilities and empower us to make the necessary shifts. I feel now more than ever, this awareness should be brought into light; the awareness of our co-creative abilities to help shape and transform the world around us as we utilize the outside world to show us an inner reflection of ourselves collectively.

Assuming most people who would even stumble upon my website are a bit more liberal minded, I just want to say nonetheless that I am not judging anyone, but someone who openly shares his thoughts and feelings lays out to others who he is. Romney has openly not been supportive of gay and women rights. That can be perceived as being judgemental against them. Many of us believe we should all enjoy equality and fairness, regardless of race, sexual orientation, identity, or gender, and so when someone is openly saying he is not wanting that equality for his country, it is safe to assume he has his own judgmental perceptions within his own mind. With such an amazing amount of support for Romney, even by women, it is clear to see that a good portion of America still holds on to the belief that some people don’t deserve equal rights that are enjoyed by others. Many of them cite the Bible that God does not approve of gays. These people are stuck and controlled within a controlling paradigm. And so is Romney. There are many places I will go with this, so bear with me as these thoughts are laid out one by one.

We have the opportunity to begin shifting ourselves out of such controlling paradigms into a perception of greater awareness and openness. But we can’t do that while those NOT for Romney are judgemental of Romney. It doesn’t serve anyone to continue to perpetuate Romney as a judgmental person who would have set our country back 50 years. We could instead utilize our creative faculties better by holding space for Romney and those like Romney (for Romney ultimately represents a good 40-50% of consciousness within the US) to open their minds and their hearts to greater equality. By believing it is only a matter a time that we all begin to shift into a greater perspective of awareness and openness, we can then begin creating that on a massive scale, but if we don’t believe, we will never see it. And that is the trick- we need to believe it, and gold that conviction UNTIL we see it, and see things shift energetically first before the shift physically, we will be challenged to maintain such a positive mind frame, but that is exactly what I am inviting my fellow Americans to do, for how else can we change our country.

Of course not only do we need to envision this, believe in this, but then we need to take ACTION. So many of us want to unite and we share a common vision, but we lack the time (because we are so caught up in the rat race) to move forward with our visions and desires to unite and talk about what actions we can take collectively to bring about what we want to see in our communities and in this society.

Ok, now to analize what Obama represents within our collective consciousness in America. Obama seems to have a good heart, but nevertheless he is still controlled by Godman Sachs and JP Morgan, and, well, the elite that controls everything, even our seeds (these elites also own Monsanto which hold patents for some ridiculous number of our seeds available to us in America). So Obama may want to make the changes he intended to make, but ultimately he won’t be allowed to and instead will be controlled, at least to a certain extent, by the Big Money that sponsors him, or “bought” him you could say. And that could apply to so many of us here in America. We WANT the change, but we don’t know how to wiggle our way out of the System in place and the rat race we are controlled within. We WANT change, but there’s been only so much we have been able to do, amking changes on a small scale.

Then the 3rd party candidates represent the free thinkers who don’t feel tied to the system, or who are aware and making their best efforts to free themselves in whatever ways they can from the system. Yet these 3rd pary candidates weren’t much of a consideration for the race, and that is because, collectively we are still controlled within the system and so we create the reality around us to reflect that, so the presidential election was mainly just an election between a judgemental society controlled within the System and a liberal consciousness also still controlled within the system, and little attention to the free thinkers who want to do away with the system.

Many who voted for Obama wants to break free from the System and the rat race. I know a lot of people wanting more community, more sustainabilty, greater awareness of health and our spiritual essence and power. We have 4 more years to shift our collective consciousness to one that is freeing themselves of the system, uniting within our visions and hopes, and taking action on them. We have been complacent for too long, feeling ourselves victim to rhe word around us. It is time we realize our co-creative potential within, and that our world is a reflection of who we are, and so by utilizing our co-creating abilities and power, we can hold space and hold the vision of what we wish to create and see in the world, regardless of how dismal things appear for now. To trust things ARE shifting on the energetic level and it is only a matter of time before the physical reflects what has been happening on an energetic level. But for anything to even happen on an energetic level, it must be US doing it on an energetic level, holding the space, intention and vision of what we wish to see- a country less divided and more united on thoughts of equality and aware of our choices, making more choices that break us free from the old out date system. There needs to be a new system seeded before the old system can disappear. THAT IS UP TO US! It is up to us to seed the new system. We need to unite within our communities and start being much more proactive. Now is the time. The Mayans predicted a shift after 2012. We are shifting, and we can further this momentum!!

We don’t need to wake anyone up, let’s let everyone wake up on their own, but it’s morning, and we can get on with our day and know they won’t sleep the entire day. Though they may be late in joining us.

“You may say I’m dreamer, but I’m not the only one.”- John Lennon