New Year's Day Relaxing Sound Healing - Singing Crystal Bowls, Tibetan Bowls, Gongs & Chimes!

Start the 1st day of 2024 by relaxing, renewing, and recharging with this afternoon Sound Bath featuring most of my various sacred sound healing instruments to bring you into a blissful state of Being!🥳🎊💆💆💆



14 Singing Crystal Bowls – made of quartz crystal, these bowls both hold and amplify the energy of intention of our meditation, as well as help purify our chakra centers. Brings one into a blissful trance state quickly and easily!


7 Tibetan Bowls – sprinkled in while I play the crystal bowls, these have a grounding effect and promote energy flow.


3 Gongs – Paiste, Grotto Sonora, and a Wind Gong – 3 very different gongs that cleanse and clear the energy field of energetic and emotional blockages, bringing greater balance and peace to the Body-Mind-Spirit.


Various Chimes – promote a deep sense of peace and relaxation.


Leave feeling refreshed, recharge and renewed for the New year!



WHEN: Monday New Year’s Day 1/1/24
TIME: 3-4:30pm (Come early to find parking, get settled in, etc, stay LATER to enjoy food and mingling!)
WHERE: Awakening Wellness Center
1016 SE 12th Ave, PDX 97214
COST: $33-$40


We sold out at the door last year – preregistration is highly encouraged to ensure a spot.


Enjoy a bit of complimentary food and drinks afterward (after 3:30pm) as we mingle with other like-minded folks.

UPDATE: 2 spots currently remain at the $40 price point.  


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As her sole profession for 19 years, Nicole Alcyon has combined her skills as a Hypnotherapist, Sound Healer – with over a dozen Singing Crystal Bowls, 4 Gongs and other sound healing instruments – and expertise on Chakra Cleansing/Balancing to create a unique and highly potent approach to therapeutic group sound healing sessions.


These are channeled guided meditations/sessions from her Higher Self and the Divine that she brings forth. The intention for these high vibrational Hypno-Chakra and/or Sound Healing Sessions is to provide the opportunity to strengthen our connection and alignment to our Higher Self!


Nicole graduated from her year-long Hypnotherapy program in 2004, and received very clear guidance to purchase a chakra set of the singing crystal bowls that same year. Upon playing her set for the first time, the idea of Hypno-Chakra Therapy was downloaded in my mind and birthed into existence!


She has been facilitating private and group sessions & courses since 2004, and as an accomplished facilitator, she recognizes the importance of a sacred and energetically clean/safe place to release and integrate.






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