There’s so much information and perspectives on the Eclipses happening in November. Across the board though, this is recognized as an intense time, which can be beneficial or it be be quite challenging and even devastating, depending on your vibration and what you still need to let go that you hadn’t yet.

There are also a few other blogs that regularly post their perspective on all these significant celestial events, but have not yet done so for the lunar eclipse- usually it is posted a week or so before the event, so there may be more information added about the lunar eclipse! Check back!

Here’s some links: eclipse will focus on endings or culminations. Relationships may end or transform in some way. Projects that were started earlier this month or year will be coming to a close. Any plans that were initiated will also start to bear fruit. Endings are not necessarily negative; they can also be a time of change and rich rewards.

Since this lunar eclipse takes place in Gemini, all the characteristics of this sign will be highlighted for everyone. The sign of the twins will have us focused on duality, juggling multiple tasks, spontaneity and enhancing communication. Challenging aspects might include indecisiveness and fickleness. November 28 we have a full moon in Gemini Lunar Eclipse that starts a new cycle of inquiry into our purpose, destiny, and the meaning we attribute to our lives. To navigate these powerful eclipses, allow yourself to go within and follow the promptings of your soul’s wisdom. Gradually but surely, universal energies nudge us toward greater and greater spiritual awareness. FULL MOON/LUNAR ECLIPSE: TIME TO RELEASE Solar/Lunar Eclipse dynamic-duo pairing symbolizes a one-two punch (or more appropriately, the one-two step of a beautifully orchestrated dance) in evolutionary terms. Both types of eclipses mark significant transformations, endings or culmination points in our lives, with Solar Eclipses facilitating shifts in our left-brain rational, practical, everyday lives and Lunar Eclipses facilitating shifts in our right-brain creative, emotional lives and souls.

The combined Solar and Lunar Eclipses of mid and late November, do, indeed, appear to provide a potent window of opportunity for the co-creation of Heaven on Earth. It’s entirely up to us what we do with this extended period of grace, however, so let’s definitely make the most of it as we head toward the final moments of 2012.