Transformational Coaching

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Achieve Your Greatest Potential Through Divine Magic and Transformation!

The world could really use more of us achieving this!

My Services are a call to action to assist you in fulling aligning you to your greatest Divine Potential. Read on for the hows and if this is what you’ve been desiring for yourself!

The wounds we may have that kept us from Playing Big, from Believing in Ourselves, to Live from our Heart More Fully have often began settling in deep within us since we were a child.

We all have them, it is just some people’s wounds maybe more traumatic than others, but regardless if they are traumatic or not, they are very real and sabotage our greatest potential!

The various Coaching Packages I offer assist us in:

  • Recognizing our Deepest Inner Wounds
  • Healing and Transforming our Inner Wounds
  • Getting Personalized Attention on How You Can Come More Fully From Your Heart
  • Achieving our Greatest Potential

It may seem like a tall order, it may seem insurmountable, but it is easier actually than it sounds!

Though because these wounds have been with us a very long time, just like going to the gym to see the results, we need on-going attention and focused work to really see and experience the greatest transformation!

These Coaching Programs are the result of the many years I have been in the midst of such, and after doing this inner work for so long, and from sharing the Hypno-Chakra Therapy work I have done with others, have allowed me to take this to the next level and offer something much deeper and transformational!

The work of these programs are both online, however, if you are local, they are both online and in-person.

Right now these programs are in the works to be added onto this website with more details. Until that is completed, feel free to contact me at to find out more information.

These Programs Contain:

  • A Workbook to Delve Deep
  • Hypno-Chakra Therapy Recordings
  • Private Coaching Sessions (on phone, Skype, or in person)
  • Unlimited Email Access for your additional questions

Programs are tailor made and many different options are available based on your wants and needs and your financial budget. Inquire with me at to find out more about these different options.

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