I get asked sometimes how I got into playing the singing crystal bowls. It’s a wonderful story actually, and proves to me there is a higher power that helps to guide us.

I first came across the crystal bowls in September 2004. A woman had like 32 of them and played them at a weekend retreat I attended! That was my first crystal bowl sound healing session. She also sold them. After that weekend retreat, I kept pulling this “Play Music” oracle card from one of Doreen Virtue’s many Oracle Card decks. I honestly didn’t understand it, and I kept pulling that card with uncanny frequency.

In October, the next month, of 2004, I took Doreen Virtue’s Angel Therapy Practitioners course. There was 150 of us there and we spent 6 days doing intuitive readings with each other. One peson I was practicing with said, “You need to start playing these” and she held 1 arm out as if she was circling her arm around a giant bowl. The other hand/arm made a stirring motion. Excitedly I said, “Oh I know what that is!” She said, “I’m glad you do, I don’t know if I’m stirring a pot of what, but I’m like what kind of instrument is this?!” I told her it is a singing crystal bowl. She had never heard of them before and I told her what it was and that I had just learned of them myself a month prior.

A week or so later, I went into my chiropractor’s office. I had just begun my hypnotherapy practice at her office, so we traded services with each other and were on friend terms more or less. She excitedly told me as I came in the story of her weekend. She said, “This past weekend, on Friday, I was meditating outside under the full moon with my crystals with the intention of opening up my intuitive abilities. The next night I got smashed (drunk) at a party and I started blurting out all these private things about people who I didn’t know. They were all like, ‘how did you know that’ and I told them it was just coming out of my mouth.” Then she said, “Let me do a reading for you.” So of course I obliged.

She was actually channeling my spirit guides though or something as her voice change and she spoke of herself in the 3rd person. I don’t remember much of the reading, but 1 thing stood out. At one point in the reading she said, “You need to start playing the crystal ba, bo, ba-” stuttering on the “bowls” part and I said, “Crystal bowls?” to which she said, “Yes, she [speaking of herself in the 3rd person mind you] didn’t know what crystal bowls were, so she wanted to say ‘crystal balls'”. My chiropractor had not heard of the bowls either, but it came through in this reading just a week or so after the reading I got with the practicing psychic. Because crystal bowls were new to her, as she was channeling this info, her ego tried to interpret the messages coming in, but since it was channeled, all she ended up doing was stuttering at that part as she was not to say “balls”. She was blown away at herself by channeling the being/spirit guide, as that was new to her. She had absolutely no knowledge of the reading I had gotten or the bowls I encountered at the weekend retreat a month before.

So upon returning home, I asked my oracle deck, “So you guys want me to get the crystal bowls?” And lo and behold, I pulled the “Play Music” card, first and only card. That was 3 distinct confirmations coming within a week of each other for me to get the crystal bowls. Since I already was interested in doing chakra healing, I need the only way this would be a good addition in my life is if I got the whole chakra set of the crystal bowls. So I did.

But the story doesn’t quite end there, for within a couple weeks after getting my bowls, I was downloaded (for a lack of a better term) with the Hypno-Chakra format, though I did not call it that at the time- I didn’t have a name for it. But as I was playing the bowls, I had received the idea to incorporate hypnotherapy- hypnotic suggestions- into each of the chakras while doing a chakra balancing at the same time. And thus, since the end of 2004, that is what I have been doing.