In Oct 2011, the energy I perceived changed pretty dramatically, feeling and perceiving greater peace and positivity. I had already been on quite the spiritual path but still affected by the duality of thoughts that created mismatched manifestations of what I truly wanted and desired for my life to be and the kind of world I wished to live in. I facilitated an 11-11-11 event last year, and then have just continued to flow in a greater positive and empowering direction more and more ever since then as well as perceiving a greater excitement for the times to come, feeling that we are indeed shifting into a time of greater peace, balance, love and light!

So now we approach 11-11 again. It is believed 11:11 is a portal or doorway in which one can tap into its creative flow to assist them in co-creating their intentions into physical manifestations.

These “portals” are energetic openings or doorways in which humanity can tap into, to utilize the higher vibrational energies Source provides to assist us in our evolutionary awakening into a higher state of consciousness. Even those who don’t conscious tap into will still be tapped in, but to do so consciously will bring about an increased flow of energy and Divine Power for you to see flowing into your life to a greater degree. I am in Awe of the shifts that have occurred bit by bit in my life, and witnessing those in others, after each one of these celestial significant happenings. I have witnessed those conscious about the shift experiencing greater peace, positivity, and happiness, as well as positive opportunities that bring greater success toward their soul’s purpose/path. Those not so conscious I have seen them either 1) awakening and exponentially at that or 2) more and more chaos/stress/etc occurring, which I believe happens because their thoughts/beliefs have not been in alignment with their purpose and potential. That could create a whole other topic, so I will stop it here saying we’re all being tapped in, but the more conscious we are in accessing this gift of higher vibrational energies, the more we have soared!

2 days after 11-11, on Tuesday 11-13, there will be a New Moon Solar Eclipse (remember the one in May?!) and then a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 2 weeks later (remember back in June, with the transit of Venus happening the day later?!) I ask if you remember because if you were conscious of it then, you felt that shift then big time! For those who weren’t aware of it, when you look back to May and particularly June, is there anything that shifted for you at that point, or anything more challenging than usual come up?

Then in Dec we’ll have the 12-12-12 portal as the beginning entry point into the New Earth Paradigm that will expand a greater flow of love and light during the 12-12-12 to 12-21-12 time frame. 12-12-12 begins the last portal in December which is open until 12-21/22-12. The triple 12’s signify moving out of the duality consciousness and into one of Beingness and Divine Consciousness. I believe the 12-12-12 through 12-21-12 time frame is an extended portal assisting us with our completion and exit from the world of higher and lower vibrational range existing simultaneously, within the same collective reality into creating an Ascension point for all of humanity or at least those ready and willing to change and evolve/ascend now into a higher vibrational reality and consciousness that experiences a lesser degree of low frequency density and duality. Collectively we are entering a into a higher frequency consciousness within Light and Unity, in a different timeline so that we may continue to expand our evolutionary process as these Spiritual Beings in a human body that we are, now recognizing and owning more of our inner Light and Divinity to an even greater degree than ever before. I believe the 12-12-12 through 12-21-12 time frame to be a particularly significant time for us to shift into that different, higher vibrational timeline.

We likely will not see drastic changes, I don’t believe we will truly, as this shower of higher vibrational energies has been exponentially increasing, especially since the 11-11-11 portal, though really started with the Harmonic Convergence in 1987, and that 2 week time frame coming up in Dec will be the last portal of this year to bring as much Love and Light here on Earth as we can handle at this time to assist us into this New Earth Paradigm of greater peace and balance. So that is what I am doing with these group sessions- preparing us to handle these higher vibrational energies so that we may be more solidified within our Divinity, and be able to then anchor these higher vibrational energies into this earthly plane, allowing the shift to happen on a grander scale, and allowing us to flow with the transition more peacefully and easily.

I will be facilitating 2 other group Hypno-Chakra sessions in Nov on the Solar Eclipse and again on the Lunar Eclipse so that we may access and utilize the energy more readily available for us on those days.
As per usual, we will gather to enjoy a guided Hypno-Chakra Balancing meditation with the 9 singing crystal bowls. We will tap into the creative energetic flow to help assist us in co-creating greater peace and balance in our lives so that we may then experience greater peace and balance within the world.

“You may say I’m dreamer. But I’m not the only one. I hope someday you’ll join us. And the world will live as one.” ~John Lennon