We are spiritual beings in a human body. We are an extension of Source made manifest in a physical form. We receive a continuous flow of Divine energies that we are to ground through us and into the earthly plane. If one has a blocked crown chakra, then they are not receiving their flow that is theirs, but once they open their crown chakra, that flow can then move into their Being to be rooted into the earthly plane.

As we work in the various ways to cleanse and balance our charkas, we could then fully ground and root all the Divine energies we receive (instead of say dissipating some of that energy by giving our power away, out our 3rd chakra, to authorities, school, parents, etc) so that we may be fully anchored and stabilized within our Divinity, within our Divine Essence, allowing us to easily and effortlessly draw upon, access and manifest this flow of Divine loving, healing, abundant, creative energies into its physical forms in our daily reality to an even greater degree than ever before.

Being anchoring fully within our divinity keeps us in alignment with our Higher Self and the idea then is to maintain a solid, unshakeable foundation so we can remain within greater love, light, peace and positivity even in the face of the fears, negativity, violence etc that we may see or know is in the world.

Being an extension of Source, we are co-creative beings, and our thoughts and emotions create, so when we think of things we have known about this world to be, that is not of love, peace, harmony, and balance, we are essentially using our creative faculties to that continuing to be a reality. If we think it of it, if we are affected emotionally from it, we have given it our energy to it, validating its form and existence.

That’s why we are called now to meditate upon peace, to reside more within our hearts because the more we reside and focus upon these higher vibrations energies, the more we give rise to that manifesting in this world more so than ever before. We are realizing our Divine power to co-create by our thoughts and emotions, and once we shift that within ourselves to be in alignment with greater peace, love, harmony, and balance, we can then begin to add that energetic power into this matrix! We are programming this matrix by our thoughts and emotions so the challenge then is to choose your thoughts wisely!

As the quote, whether paraphrase or not, from Gandhi goes, “Be the change you wish to see in the world” we must first BE and experience greater love, peace, harmony and balance within our own lives and relationship before we create this on a mass scale. So we are called now to do this work for ourselves- to cleanse our charkas, to release stuck and stagnate energies and emotions that hold us back from being present within Love, Peace, Forgiveness, Harmony, and Balance. It can be tricky too to figure out what’s there, what’s stuck, what you haven’t truly released and let go of. From my own personal experience, I started having dreams of people from my past or sometimes it was just a similar experience as that I experienced in the past though the people were different. Or a person from the past morphed into someone else I met through my journey in life, or perhaps even someone presently in my life. What all this told me was that 1) while I could rationalize away from experiences, such as big brothers tease and grade school kids don’t know any better, that doesn’t mean I had let go of the emotions from it, for if I did, why do these dreams keep coming up? I also realized that the people morphing into other people in my life were because I experienced a similar theme with them both, showing me there’s a thread of experiences I keep manifesting in my life, and whenever that happens it is a call to really look at and figure out why you keep manifesting similar experiences. Where did it root from?

So then as we cleanse and balance our energetic being, we will have a greater ability to create more loving, healthy and harmonious relationships and experiences in our lives. We would naturally begin attracting such people and experiences in our lives, and we’d begin seeing this more in the world. We could further then by co-creating this in the entire world by holding space, holding that intention, that enough of us do this work and hold this intention to create it for the rest of the world. All we need is a majority of the collective consciousness focused on this intent to being this into reality. And since this is the Divine plan anyway the universe is assisting us. One obvious example of how the conscious universe is assisting us in this change is through the solar activity happening. I have been keeping track and taking note of all of the CMEs, Coronal Mass Ejections, happening and people’s responses to them. What I have observed was those who are doing their soul’s purpose and able to achieve greater balance within themselves get an extra positive powerful boost in some form during when the CME is received (not hit) on earth. Those who are out of alignment with their divine path during such CME, or even one of the amazing celestial alignments, conjunctions etc that create a powerful set up, they are challenge more so during this time. I have either seen them then shift into their divine path from such an explosion in their lives, or if they’re just not getting it, they in some way often feel the greatest hardship and depression during this time, or some drama gets played out. But it only occurs in that set up because they aren’t following their hears desire. Which could be many reasons for that such as fear, obligations, or maybe they just don’t see a way out. And that’s where intention comes in, and to ask- to ask a higher power of love and light to open a door toward your hearts desire.

So then when we are receiving this continuous flow of Divine energies into our being, anchoring it fully through us and into the earthly plane, we can be solid in our foundation and alignment with our higher selves. We pull those higher vibrational energies that we grounded back up into our being, into our root chakra at the base of our spine so we can manifest this flow of divine energies into their physical forms in our daily reality more readily and easily than ever before. Able to create, manifest, attract, receive and even given and extend an even greater flow of loving energy, healing energy, prosperity, and vital creative energy.

These higher vibrational energies that you are now anchored and solid in flows in your sacral chakra at your pelvic region where these higher vibrational energies can flow more freely within, allowing you to experience greater balance, harmony and alignment within your Higher Self, your Divinity sparking greater vitality and creative energy to create your intentions into reality. It also allows you to experience AND express greater pleasure, both with a rise of kundalini energy especially within your sexual intimacy as well as taking pleasure in those little things in life. Watching a honeybees flying from flower to flower in the warm sun can be quite pleasurable.

As we are solid in the foundation of our divinity, allowing these higher vibrational energies to flow and move freely throughout our being and life, providing us a greater creative spark and life force, it then strengthens the connection to our innate Divine creative power. This is the function of the 3rd chakra, the solar plexus. Solid within our alignment and connection to our higher self, and it flows throughout all aspects of our being, we then are able to feel and draw upon the confidence, strength and courage of our Higher Selves to motivate and empower us to take actions on the calling of our higher self. Moving forward courageously within in Divine truth, we create and manifest greater positive changes and opportunities in alignment with our divine purpose that will ultimate then benefit the world.

Solid, flowing within our divinity, empowered by this connection, we receive, accept, embrace, and then embody these higher vibrational energies into our heart chakra, creating a greater healing shift within, raising the vibration of our being so that we then experience a greater sense of self love and self worth, as well as a greater sense of unconditional love, compassion, acceptance, and forgiveness. We reside within heart centered consciousness, becoming a loving, healing presence to the world around us, to both those we interact with as well as on a grander scale through the love that can be sent across the world through intention.

Solid within our Divinity, flowing with these divine energies, being empowered by them, and embodying this loving healing power within our Divinity, our throat chakra assists us with communicating and expressing our authentic divine selves courageously, in alignment with our higher self, so expressing and community our truth easily and freely with love, respect, compassion, understanding, and clarity.

We are able to perceive ourselves and the world around us through the eyes and mind of our higher selves as our 3rd eye, or 6th chakra, strengthens the line of communication and connection to our Higher Self, giving us greater insight and clarity about the spiritual truth of the experiences we ultimately created for ourselves, and able to receive greater clarity and insight about our next step toward fulfilling our Divine Purpose and potential, which is to embody your Divinity, living within greater love and light so you can then be a part of raising the vibration of the world in your own unique way. My belief is everyone has that purpose except for the “Family of Darkness” as Barbara Marciniak terms it, but as her channeled books states, they too serve their purpose in assisting humanity in ultimately raising our vibration.

As our crown chakra receives this flow of high vibrational Divine energies to be anchored through us into the earthly plane so that we can bring it back up manifesting these energies into their physical forms, that energy continues moving up through our body and out our crown chakra connecting us back again to our higher selves and to Source. As these energies flow back up into our crown, we experience a greater sense of illumination, unification, and enlightenment. We perceive a greater spiritual insight and wisdom to the truth our Divine selves and higher realms share with us. We easily transcend the limitations of the 3rd dimensional world, experiencing true freedom.

My hope is for all of us to experience in this lifetime. Many of us have had way too many lifetimes not achieving us, but during this monumental time everything coming into alignment for this to now happen. And so it is!