I’ve been residing within the state of greater joy, excitement, love and bliss continuously now for a week, following the intention to receive the highest vibration of love and light my being is capable of withstanding! Seriously I’m feeling that continuously! I can feel the work being done in this world on a spiritual level, seeing how many of us “teachers” are being called to amp it up, and it’s
all just so exciting to me! I wish this for you all who also intend this for yourselves to easily receive and reside within this energy to an even greater degree than ever before. The light is bringing up anything in conflict with us for us to see, face, heal and release, but many of us are doing it.

So excited for the potential and possibilities that awaits humanity! We have a choice- what state of consciousness do we decide to live in? It boils down to us and what we choose to focus on. “Be the change you wish to see in the world” always begins with yourself because you will see in world what is reflected from within, and I’m now getting that more on a visceral level than intellectual one.

On the Equinox this year, Sept 22nd, there will be a world wide harmonic convergence event taking place- the 2nd one! The first one happened in 1987 and it was said then the work will span a 25 year period, bringing us to now, 2012. The following is an AMAZING video I invite you to check out that’s mentions the first one, and brings you up to speed in a short clip of out potential and possibilities!