Your purpose, IMHO, is the same as everyone else’s purpose which is to choose love, “light”, and peace instead of, or in the face of, fear and pain, and then to radiate this greater flow of Love and Light out into the world so we can once again shift back into and reside within our natural Divine state. This will allow us collectively to co-create greater peace on Earth, or “Heaven” on Earth if you will.

We had a fun run (or not as that was not meant to be taken literally;) and we got to explore and create duality, polarizing love and peace, but we got a little too caught up with that and started to believe all the pain and fear we created was REAL. And while this world/reality SEEMS more real to us than any other reality, there is another reality MORE real than this, or so I keep hearing that from various spiritual teachers, but if this is a world we created, from a world that is NOT this, then there has to be that somewhere else that we created this world from.

If we believe that not everyone can or will choose love and peace, than we could never manifest that reality in this world. If a majority of us, literally 51% of us collectively can hold space and the intention that we can one by one open up to and choose to live within greater love and light, then we would be well on our way to creating greater peace on Earth. From there it will naturally escalate and exponentially accelerate into the unfolding of that intention into this reality. That is the 100th monkey syndrome. We must first hold that intention within, and believe it can happen for it to manifest however.

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” You must first hold Love, Peace, and Light within yourself to see this reflected back out into the world, so if you are hoping for more love, peace, and positivity in the world, like me, we must first do the work necessary within to be able to hold and reside within such high vibrations. Then we will see it out in the world!

Peace to you all!