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Interested in delving DEEPER, connecting more fully with your Divine Essence, your Higher Self?

Schedule a 1/2 hr Very Discounted Spiritual Consultation Session to receive some answers and guidance, and see how we might be able to work together!

As a Hypnotherapist since 2004 and Spiritual Facilitator since 2005, Nicole has extensive experience guiding and facilitating deep sessions that create greater fulfillment in life and a much deeper sense of connection to yourself, your Divinity and to a Higher Power.

When we connect more fully to this Higher Power within, we connect to the Divine Flow that bestows upon us greater Grace & Blessings of Abundance in all areas of life!

That’s not to say we don’t come up against our own limiting beliefs… We do…and we will… But as we become greater Masters of our own Life and Being, we learn to navigate these areas with greater wisdom, and elevate ourselves into greater alignment to our Divine Inheritance (which is this fulfilling life and Abundance of  all things…)!

If you’re ready for this journey into the Life you Deserve, email me to schedule this truly helpful consultation.

I dislike pushy sales people as much as you do – in this consult, I’ll actually listen to your story, provide some insight, and see if we are a match to work together more regularly to achieve your goals.

With custom-made sessions, we are likely to find coaching package that works within your budget!

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Divinity Within Meditation

This Guided Meditation with the soothing and balancing frequencies of the Singing Crystal Bowls help to connect you to your Higher Self, Spirit Team, Source, Mother Earth and to your Body. Receive guidance, insights and messages from each of these aspects.

The 432 hz set of Singing Crystal Bowls are tuned to each of the chakras – helping to cleanse and balance each chakra and restore harmonization and resonance within.


Also, if you were interested in the Shadow Work Questionnaire, here’s the PDF!

Is is a great way to discover some root causes of the challenges and obstacles in your life, and give you the information that will help you heal and integrate these repressed and suppressed aspects of yourself. 

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