Private Sessions

Hypno-Chakra TherapySM

Nicole is the creator of Hypno-Chakra TherapySM. Hypno-Chakra Therapy integrates the hypnotic suggestions (suggestions for your self- improvement goals which facilitate what you are desiring to create, manifest, release, or heal in your life) into each of your chakras. Each session begins connecting to the Source of All That Is and anchoring those Divine energies within your being, and grounding you to the stabilizing energies of Mother Earth. The space is created to allow you to connect to your own Divinity, claiming your own innate spiritual power within, and raising the vibration of your being.

Living from the Heart
Aside from working on whatever self-improvement goals you may have, Nicole’s deeper purpose is to help people connect to their Divinity, Divine Purpose, and live from their heart. As more and more people do or at least attempt this, we will inevitably shift the collective consciousness from mind-based consciousness to heart-based consciousness, bringing about greater Love and Light to the world, healing ourselves and Mother Earth. These Hypno-Chakra session assist us in living in greater alignment to your Divine spiritual self so that you embrace a healing shift in your life from living within your heart. This may include but is not limited to: feeling greater love emanating from yourself, feeling greater peace, opening up to or unfolding greater into your potential, having greater trust in yourself. From this space, miracles occur!

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Investment in yourself: $100/session or $80 sliding scale* 
Sessions typically lasts about an hour and a half, give or take maybe 15 minutes.

Package deals available to make regular sessions more afforable:
$225 for 3 consecutive sessions
$350 for 5 sessions

*A lower sliding scale is available to students, part-time workers, low income, and/or for those out of work. Please inquire.**

Also Included in a Hypno-Chakra Session is the use of the amethyst filled Bio-Mat on a recliner arm chair.

Here are some details and benefits of the Bio-mat:
Made with 17 layers of Space Age materials, it combines state-of-the-art far infrared (FIR) light and negative ion technology with the healing power of amethyst.
1. Improves Circulation and Cardiovascular Function
2. Improves Immune System Function
3. Relieves Pain
4. Burns Calories and Controls Weight
5. Eases Joint Pain and Stiffness
6. Reduces Stress and Fatigue
7. Improves Skin
8. Removes Bodily Toxins and Assists in Detoxification
9. Promotes Greater Healing and Relaxation

Some additional modalities that can be added in a Hypno-Chakra Session:
Entity/Lower Energy Releasement
Past Life Regression

Intuitive Readings and Spiritual Counseling

In person, these tend to be a one hour reading/session for those wanting greater guidance, direction and clarity within their life or with a particular situation or situations. This is an avenue Nicole also shines. Able to easily and quickly receive guidance, wisdom and insights from our higher self and spirit guides, Nicole truly takes immense pleasure in being to bring about a greater clarity and understanding to any questions we may have that assist us in this often times confusing journey we call life! Because many of us are shifting so dramatically in our lives now, these readings/sessions can be very helpful and effective.

Online reading are also available and are convenient for both parties. For Nicole, she can channel and write out readings on her own time, allowing her to be able to meditate upon your question(s), thereby receiving a great deal of guidance.

For her clients, it is convenient to be able to read and re-read what has been written at his or her convenience, referring to the email several months later if the email was saved. Also after writing all the guidance she received, she loves hearing the feedback and will often continue a back and forth communication until the reading is completely complete and her client is clear about what has been presented.  

It is so easy for us to let someone bring us down, or to feel anger at those who hurt us. But when we see things from the perspective of our Divine higher self, we can understand what may make them act the way they do, and what you are truly doing to yourself energetically when you feel the anger or when you feel down. You can learn to be the “bigger person” spiritually by not engaging in the negative energy that may surround a particular circumstance or situation. It is all too easy for us to do, but then that negative energy that surrounds a situation becomes your own and only creates a vicious cycle of that energy being passed between you and that person.

We don’t suppress our feelings and just “love,” rather understand and acknowledge how that may have hurt or anger us, but through the sessions or any sort of energetic cleansing that you do yourself or have faciitated/guided for you, you can release those lower energies from your energetic field, along with other energetic stagnation and blocks. Nicole encourages her clients to surround the situation and person with love and light as they lay in bed at night or in the morning. By sending the other person love and forgiveness you not only release any negative energy between you and them, but you also improve the chances that future interactions flow smoother. This is generalized and a nutshell version, however it gives you an idea of how we can lead a more loving, peaceful and fulfilling life if we put this idea into daily practice. It is this kind of perspective our Higher Selves tend to remind us of when we ask for help with a situation(s) we find ourselves in.

Intuitive Spiritual Readings and Counseling- $60/hr or online reading

The Singing Quartz Crystal Bowls

The singing quartz crystal bowls holds the vibration of white light which ultimately refracts into the rainbow palette and acts directly on our chakras when the bowls are played. It has the power to bring about a positive shift in our consciousness. The properties of the bowls possess the same electromagnetic fields as exists within all life forms. They assist in integrating the balance of our own electromagnetic energies. Through the pure tone of the quartz crystal bowls one can re-pattern the energy field organization and influence cellular expression of wellness. 

The bowls are specifically designed to correlate to a particular chakra and each correspond to a particular musical note. The color red vibrates at the slowest frequency and corresponds to the musical note C bowl and the root chakra, while the color violet has the highest vibrating frequency and corresponds to the musical note B bowl and the crown chakra. The sounds of the bowls can give you the feeling that your frequency itself resonates higher than before.

The bowls have a deep vibrating quality that brings one into a deep meditative state, quicker and easier than traditional hypnosis methods to allow for greater healing to occur. While the body is in a trance-like state, which is simply just bringing one from a Beta level brain wave to an Alpha or Theta level brain wave, the bodies natural defense mechanisms, complete with serotonin and all those good, healthy, fighter cells increase to assist your body in healing itself as it was meant to do.

Angel Therapy®

Angel Therapy® is a registered Trademark and coined by Dr. Doreen Virtue. She trains students to become an Angel Therapy Practitioner® through an intensive 6 day course.  Nicole completed this course in 2004. The essence of Angel Therapy® is incorporated into Nicole’s practice through energetic healing, imagery, intuitive guidance, removing unwanted, energy draining etheric cords, and working with Divine beings such as guardian angels, archangels, your spirit guides and whoever else who may be around you from the “other side” who wish to help you in daily life or during your healing process.

Working with other Beings of Love and Light is not an integral part of her practice, but if you do or would like it, she will gladly call more in. Typically, Nicole only works with ArchAngel Michael, calling him in silently in the beginning to allow her to be a clear and open vessel through which she can receive the best suggestions to relay from her and her clients higher selves that would facilitate a greater healing shift for her client.