Intuitive Guidance and Spiritual Counseling

Channeled Guidance

Receive clear and accurate guidance from your higher self, spirit guides, and guardian angels to whatever questions you pose. Nicole establishes this clear and solid connection with your higher self/spirit guides as well as her own so that we may be able to receive greater insights and clarity for the questions you have.


Spiritual Counseling

In addition to channeled guidance, there are spiritual tools Nicole has learned over the last 15 years that come forward within the sessions to further assist you with any issues and/or within your spiritual development.


Mediumship Readings

Nicole discovered just how intuitive she really was when she began communicating with people’s deceased loved ones clearly and easily. This has been such interesting work for her, for she has gained a lot of insight about “the other side,” learning new things about that realm often receiving answers from her guides from questions she had about what she saw and/or experienced within an interaction. Nicole always asks for “validating” information- information she could not know, nor likely guess otherwise- so that it can be confirmed that a real interaction is taking place. These readings allow for there to be closure if needed, a sense of peace about their departed loved one, a sense of a greater connection to their departed love one, and/or a greater understanding of “the other side”.


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August 5, 2013