Nicole facilitates beautiful sound baths and leads you through amazing meditations! I have experienced nothing but pure love and light! The energy is warm and welcoming. I love the feeling of connectedness. I highly recommend!

-Nikki McKinzie

 My name is Nicole Alcyon – thanks for visiting!

My purpose and passion is assisting us in remembering ourselves an extension of Source (Divine Creator) fragmented into these various human bodies (and other life forms) to experience All That Is when given the experience of separateness…

In remembering our own Divinity Within, as well as doing inner emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual work, we establish a greater connection to our Higher Self, to our Divinity, bringing us into greater alignment with the Divine and the Divine Flow.

~We can ride the waves of stress and challenges easier
~We reside within this greater faith and trust even in the midst of chaos and challenges
~We act and respond from a more wise and loving perspective of our Higher Self
~We open up to greater opportunities that allows for our greater potential to unfold
~We Become the Change We Wish to See in the World!

Most of us don’t know how (because we haven’t been taught) to do the necessary inner transformational work that allows for our greatest Divine Potential & Expression to unfold, to live a much more enjoyable life and to be the change they wish to see in the world. My private and group sessions, and especially my tranformational courses, can assist in doing the necessary inner work and achieve this greater self-mastery!!

Contact me for more info on how I can help you navigate the depths within to unleash the potential within!



-Private Hypno-Chakra Therapy Sound Healing Sessions
-Intuitive Guidance & Spiritual Coaching
-Nutritional Consulting

(Choose 1 or more!)


-Enjoy a PRIVATE Sound Bath with the Solfeggio Pipes, Paiste Gong, and 13 Singing Crystal Bowls

(These are offered within my personal residence. To schedule a session at my office in the inner SE at Awakenings Wellness Center, email me:


-Group Sound Healing & Hypno-Chakra Sessions
-In-Depth & Transformational Chakra Courses

Group Sound Healing Sessions & Group Hypno-Chakra Sound Healing Sessions happen every 2 weeks on the Full and New Moon. Themes change! Visit my Facebook page for the latest event if it is not posted here on my website.




Indigo and Crystal Support

Indigo and Crystal Support

I became aware of the term Indigo and Crystal Children since 2003. I’ve seen the label become more known over the years. I’m not a fan of labels, but they can be useful when trying to search for something specific. For instance, I’ve search for Indigo and Crystal...

What is Sound Healing?

What is Sound Healing?

Creation stories around the world identify sound as the creative force by which the Divine Source manifested first light, and then the material reality. This has been “the Word” or “Aum” also known as “Om”. Indeed the most modern science shows us that all life is...

December 21st is NOT the end of the world

December 21st is NOT the end of the world

Just about everyone has heard of the Mayan calednar ending on December 21st, 2012, but most didn't catch the fact that yes it ends, but as it is with all their calendars (they have numerioud calendars!) it is only marking the ending of a *cycle* not the end of the...