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Hello Everyone!
Wow! 2012 seems to have all kinds of rare and powerful celestial events happening. It seems to me a part of the grand Divine plan to bring in eeergies that help us release the old and give us an opportunity to receive and embody higher waves of energy = consciousness shift. 🙂

Below is some events aligned to some significant days and I added in links so you can find out more of the significance of the celestial events happening.

The celestial events happening on May 20th is a new moon, as well as a solar eclipse, and an alignment with the Pleiadian constellation, which holds the significance of raising our consciousness. How auspicious and powerful then!! So the Earth, Moon, Sun, and the Pleiadian constellation will all be in alignment on that day. This is so rare it only happens every 26,000 years. Interestingly enough that is how many years of the precession of the equinox!–tree-of-life-replanting.html

Lunar eclipses always follow solar eclipses 2 weeks later, and on June 4th there is a partial lunar eclipse. The next day and following is the Transit of Venus, June 5-6th. I will be facilitating an event on the 6th.

Then on June 20th is the Summer Solstice. It signifies reaping the rewards of all you have done, so for June’s Abundance Session it will be more all-encompassing for everyone, not just for financial abundance as it has been in the past, but bringing in the abundance that is our Divine right as spiritual beings in this human body- abundance of love, health, success, financial abundance, abundance of joy, peace, and of all good/positive things that create a greater sense of contentment and joy in our lives, being able to be an even greater light to shine out into the world. This is about being in gratitude for now for the flow of abundance coming to you.

Then a TREAT on Friday June 29th!! Details below.

As always there is a Wednesday morning Yoga+Chakra Balancing class.



New Moon/Solar Eclipse/Pleidian Alignment Hypno-Chakra Balancing and Grand Funeral of the Old World
When: Sunday May 20th
Time: 7:30-9:15pm
Where: Awakenings Wellness Center Yoga Space (The big studio)
1016 Se 12th Ave, PDX
Energy Exchange: $20, sliding scale option; nobody is turned away. Give what you can.
RSVP at  or facebook:
Bring: something for the altar you’d like charged if you wish, not required at all. You may wish to also bring pillow, and/or mat/blanket though the studio does provide those as well.
We’re going to be able to receive these amazing photon energy from this rare alignment. The earth will be receiving the this increased photon energy, allowing us to receive an increased high vibrating energy coming from this alignment. This will further help us in this shift toward opening up to the consciousness of our higher self, aligning us with greater love and light.

After already planning an event for this day I came upon this, and wanted to incorporate aspects of this into the event:–tree-of-life-replanting.html
The Global Peace Convergence is presenting this idea for us to all come together ceremoniously for this day to celebrate the end of the Old World as we bring in the New World- shifting into higher vibrations of greater love and light. It IS happening! We’ll have an altar- bring something you’d like charged! We will also ceremoniously release what we wish to release on behalf of their world and ourselves by writing it out and burning it, outside on the deck! Afterward we will get into the usual Hypno-Chakra Balancing part of the evening with my 9 singing crystal bowls.

May’s Hypno-Chakra Abundance Session
When: Wednesday May 23rd, 2012
Where: Awakenings Wellness Center Yoga Studio (Big studio)
1016 Se 12th Ave
Time: 7:30pm-9pm
Energy Exchange: $10
RSVP: or on facebook:

What: These group sessions are held once a month so that you can have a space to regularly connect to your divine abundant nature, manifesting greater financial abundance and success into your life to a greater degree than ever before. Hypnotic suggestions focused on attracting and embodying greater financial abundance (specifically) are integrated into each of the chakras. Ass always with these group sessions, we are laying on mats, blankets, and bolsters which are provided from the studio.


Releasing Negativity/Transit of Venus Hypno-Chakra Balancing
When: Wed June 6th
Time: 7:30-9pm
Where: Awakenings Wellness Center Yoga Studio (the big spacious studio)
1016 Se 12th Ave, PDX
Energy Exchange- $20-$15, sliding scale, nobody is turned away

The Transit of Venus is when it moves directly across the sun from our POV on earth. This happens once every 100 years, but then happens in a pair of happening twice 8 years apart. The Transit of Venus happened back in 2004, but before then, it didn’t happen since 1882, and 8 years before then in 1874.

On this date, and as we flow through the shift in consciousness during these times foretold to us by indigenous tribes, it is important to keep ourselves balanced energetically so we may shift with greater ease.

Again, the link for more info on spiritual significance of transit of venus:

A brief releasing of lower vibrational energies and entities in corporated into this group session.


Summer Solstice Gratitude of Abundance
When: Wednesday June 20th, 2012
Where: Awakenings Wellness Center Yoga Studio (Big studio)
1016 Se 12th Ave
Time: 7:30pm-9pm
Energy Exchange: $20-$15-$10, give what you can
As described above in the paragraph with the “bold” Summer Solstice.


Body-Mind-Spirit Healing Spa!
When: Friday, June 29th, 2012
Time: 7:30-9:30pm
Where: Hawthorne Wellness Center (NOTE: Not Awakenings or Center for Natural Medicine)
3942 SE Hawthorne Blvd.

Energy Exchange: $30-$20 sliding scale

This is a fusion of massage, Reiki and sound healing from didgeridoos and 9 singing crystal bowls for a total body-mind-spirit spa feeling! While receiving “didgeridoo washes” and blissing out to the soothing vibrations of the bowls, some Reiki and Massage Practitioners will come around to give you mini treatments. A little bit of guided imagery will also be incorporated into this event, connecting you to Source, Mother Earth and to your Divinity, while receiving very brief chakra cleansing and balancing, a much briefer version than usual.


Hypno-Chakra Therapy is a combination of hypnotherapy, chakra balancing, and sound healing from 9 singing crystal bowls. The intention is to connect you to your Divinity allowing your Divine Potential to unfold and blossom more fully in your life.


May we all continue to flow with greater Love and Light!