I became aware of the term Indigo and Crystal Children since 2003. I’ve seen the label become more known over the years. I’m not a fan of labels, but they can be useful when trying to search for something specific. For instance, I’ve search for Indigo and Crystal children in Portland just to see what would pop up for this area. Nothing except my Meetup group I originally created for Indigo and Crystals. I searched for spiritual classes in Portland for children. Nothing. I have a 5 year old boy and pregnant with my 2nd child. As someone deeply immersed in my own spiritual practice and beliefs I am thinking of these things for my children. I know there are some Reiki and yoga classes offered for children in the Portland area, but what about a spiritual center, or “spiritual gym”, for children? How wonderful for something like that to be created and offered in our area! Would other parent’s be excited about this too, I wonder?

I have long desired to somehow contribute to the younger generation which are our future. I desire to teach them while they are young of the magical healing energy they have in their hands, how their spirit guides and angels surround them, protect them, and are always there to help when they call on them, as well as bring awareness of their chakras through fun exercises. I desire to assist them in strengthening their connection to the Divine essence within them.

Being a Nutritional Consultant, and seeing how rampant unhealthy chemicals and additives are added to commonly bought food, I also have a desire to help parents, who may be recognizing that their children have food sensitivities, how to read labels and to understand what some of these “ingredients” are and their possible/potential negative consequences they may have if consumed. I also desire to help by having group and private sessions to grocery stores to find alternatives for your food-sensitive child (or yourself even!) that is also within your budget.

As I mentioned before, I started a Meetup group for “Indigos” and “Crystals” but whenever I created an event for children, while parents expressed interest and may have even RSVP’ed for these events, hardly any of them showed. The intent and excitement for this soon fizzled. I am once again, being pregnant with my 2nd child, and still receiving guidance to open up what I do to help children, to put myself out there again and create fun events for children in the Portland and surrounding areas.

As I begin the journey it takes to make this a reality, I am putting the word out there now, this is coming, this is my intention, and I’d love to hear from any of you who are interested in this. If you like the ideas of classes and information I have presented in the 2nd and 3rd paragraph, let me know!! Email me at Trinitihealing@yahoo.com. If there isn’t interest or excitement for this, it won’t manifest into its potential. I will follow my guidance and will move forward to provide the necessary piece to begin its creation, but it also take the interest and excitement of other parents to make this a reality.