The name Triniti Healing came to me in a meditation shortly around or after the time I graduated from my Hypnotherapy program. It was a guided meditation from a book called MAP: The Co-Creative White Brotherhood Medical Assistance Program. Not sure where that book ended up for I don’t seem to have it anymore and it has been since 2004 so I don’t quite remember the specific meditation, but it was something along the lines of asking the White Brotherhood for a symbol and/or word that would be a purposeful tool for me to call upon. Or something like that. I really don’t remember too well. I immediately got the symbol of a 3 leaf clover and the word triniti, and they specifically told me triniti with 3 i’s and no “y”. They also said all the letters should be in lower case but that got changed along the way since titles generally begin with capitol letters, and other people would write it that way so I started going with it. The purpose however with the 3 i’s and lower case letter was for equality- equality in that each of the 3 syllables would all begin in lower case to reflect symbolically that there was not of greater importance or stature than the other 2 parts within the trinity symbol, and that within the 3 syllables was an “i” for true trinity representation. When triniti came to me, then the name triniti healing came as a name to call my business. It didn’t seem like a true trinity represented therapy at the time, but it is certainly evolving that way since I do work with the mind and spirit, but the body is being incorporated now too with the use of the bio-mat and with my knowledge of nutrition. Soon I will become a nutritional consultant so I can legally give such nutrition advice to further my practice as a body, mind and spirit therapeutic healing sessions.