Breathwork, Cacao Ceremony, Sound Healing & Ecstatic Dancing

Enjoy a fun yet healing treat for first Full Moon of the New Year with experienced practitioners leading you through a Cacao Ceremony, Breathwork & Sound Healing Meditation, and Ecstatic Dancing!



Come join us on a chilly winter’s afternoon to enjoy a fun yet healing (re)treat in the New Year with experienced facilitators Nicole Alcyon and Kriyanna Elumen leading you through a Cacao Ceremony, Ecstatic Awakening Breathwork & Sound Healing Meditation, with Ecstatic Dancing afterward!




~Beginning with the Cacao Ceremony, we’ll take some intentional time to drop into and activate our Heart center.


~Then relax into a trance state as Nicole Alcyon plays her 14 singing crystal bowls, 7 Tibetan Bowls, and Chimes, leading you through a guided meditation to connect to you to your Divinity within and ground you within that greater flow of Life Force Energy.


~Kriyanna will then lead you through an Ecstatic Awakening Meditation including Breathwork exercises, as Nicole plays her various gongs and crystal bowls to further assist in breaking up and releasing stagnate and lower vibrational energies and blockages…


~We’ll then integrate the energetic cleansing we’ve experienced with a continued Sound Bath and a bit of guided meditation to ground, connect, restore, and recharge the Body-Mind-Spirit, as this portion of the event comes to a close.



MIDWAY BREAK (3:30-3:45pm):


~Enjoy some complimentary snacks and drinks to further our sense of grounding and nourishment, while chatting about our experience if you so choose to share!


~People can come and go during this snacking transition if you wish to only join for the first half (the breathwork & sound healing) or the 2nd half (the ecstatic dancing)…





~Begins with another Cacao Ceremony


~Music that starts off soft and slow to strengthen our sense of connection within, as we move and stretch


~Kriyanna’s dance setlist is intentionally curated to move energy while it adjusts and aligns us once again with the divine in all things. There may even be some sweet moments of guided movement to assist with this process.


~As the music builds into faster rhythms that energize our Body-Mind-Spirit, we move and build and release as energy as we see fit!


~We’ll have the Gong and a few other smaller sound healing instruments out for the community to play while dancing, adding to the energy and release!


~Music slows as we come back into our heart and center


~Closing Circle





~Discuss how to get the most out of the Ecstatic Awakening Breathwork facilitation


~Create a sacred and safe space to release that which no longer serves, without taking on other people’s energy.



WHEN: Saturday, 1/20/24
TIME: 2pm-5pm (arrive 10-15 min early)
WHERE: SomaSpace
4050 NE Broadway, Portland, OR 97232

Entire Event$55-$75 (choose your abundance level price point – from the drop down menu – for this afternoon (re)treat that includes 2 Cacao servings, food/drinks, the breathwork with sound healing from 2 experienced facilitators, as well as a curated ecstatic dance set!)

REFUNDS ARE AVAILABLE if you cancel with us by 12noon on 1/20/24, the day of the event.


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 YES this is happening! I drove by the Venue Friday evening to check out the sidewalks (and the roads) and things are looking good! Many of the sidewalks around are cleared, or have a cleared pathway. 


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Payment Options


Just the first portion from 2-3:30pm (Cacao, Sound Healing, Breathwork) – $55-$40 sliding scale


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Just the Ecstatic Dance portion 3:30-5pm$15-$30 (select from drop-down menu below)


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Ecstatic Awakening Meditation is a dynamic practice that moves stagnant or heavy energies through your system. It allows for joy, peace, empowerment, and more to come through. EAM utilizes radical presence, breath, sound, movement, and spontaneity to support you in your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well being.


Breathwork in general has been one of our most ancient and potent tools for releasing, healing, processing energy/emotions, meditating, and accessing our own Divine Nature!


The purpose of breath work is to quiet the mind, open the heart, and let Spirit do the rest. In doing so, it draws old, trapped energy out of the body and creates space to draw in what is being sought.





For this session, Nicole includes her 14 Singing Crystal Bowls, 7 Tibetan Bowls, 4 Gongs and various chimes that helps to bring one into a deeply relaxed, peaceful, meditative and hypnotic state. The frequencies of the singing bowls clear out old, dissonant energies, bringing our Body-Mind-Spirit into greater harmony and resonance. In this altered state that these sacred sound healing instruments bring us into, we have a greater ability to access the deeper stagnant energies and blocks that are ready to be processed, released, and transformed. We also have a greater ability to rewrite the old programs into something more empowering for this new year through the guided meditation Nicole guides the group through based on her hypnotherapy training.




Nicole has been a sound healer and Hypnotherapist for 19 years (since 2004) and is an experienced facilitator to hold space for this deep processing and energy work. She is aware of the importance of a clean, sacred space to process this kind of big energy. It has been her passion to create and facilitate high vibrational offerings that assist in our conscious and spiritual evolution in this lifetime.


Kriyanna has been a spiritual healer and guide since 2002. She brings the wisdom of experience in holding this sacred container for our mutual transformation. More about her here:








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