About Me

Hi. My name is Nicole Vanderhoff and I am a healer. Since starting Triniti Healing in 2004, I’ve helped hundreds of people improve their self-consciousness through my guided Hypno-Chakra therapy. My healing has helped people align themselves with their goals by offering meditative sessions that interact and awaken your senses. This is how I got started.

I created Triniti Healing after I graduated from the Hypnosis Motivation Institute in Southern California, the only nationally accredited school for hypnotherapy. After graduating, I continued to expand my expertise in being a hypnotherapist by taking certification courses from well-known specialist in the field such as Dr. Doreen Virtue and Drunvalo Melchizedek. These courses — the Angel Therapy Practitioner’s Course (ATP), Mediumship Course, and the Professional Spiritual Teacher’s Training Program (PSTTP) — furthered my connection to my divine self and healing power.

One of the first ways I offered Hypno-Chakra therapy was through meditation CDs. My first CD was called “Chakra Meditation for Manifestation” and was released in 2005. In this CD, I guide you through the chakras and provide an auditory meditative experience using my voice and singing crystal bowls. In 2012, I released another CD: Hypno-Chakra Balancing. Vol 1. Hypno-Chakra Balancing Vol 1 also includes guided therapy using my voice, but have an improved quality of recording and technique since it was released several years later. For example, I used a technique called binaural recording in the second CD that replicates the sounds traveling through your ears as if you were in the room with me.

How I Discovered Singing Crystal Bowls, or Rather, How They Discovered Me

How I began using the singing bowls happened through a series of unrelated events with my chiropractor, Doreen Virtue’s Oracle Cards, and a psychic reading. I describe how I discovered them in a video.

What My Future Holds

Over the past several years I’ve offered my healing through hypno-chakra sessions, group events, and personal readings. I would like to continue my healing using a more physical approach by offering nutritional counseling. I’m very excited to share that I’ve recently received my diploma from Ashworth College in Nutrition, Diet and Health! Offering nutritional counseling connects well with the spiritual work that I do. I can now help with digestion problems in the body in the same way I help your mind digest information. I plan to offer this information in both sessions and through a series of three eBooks — one on the harmful toxins in a majority of food today, one about detoxification, and one on recipes.

Phew. That’s a summary of who I am. If you’ve read this all, thank you.