"I totally believe that we as humans are going through a shift in consciousness right now. Thank you so so much for facilitating this shift."

– Mary


Presidential Race: A Reflection of the Collective

I don't normally mix politics and my healing practice, but using the presidential race as an analogy of how we, as a collective, are indeed co-creating the reality right in front of our eyes I felt could be beneficial in helping us understand our innate creative...

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My name is Nicole Alcyon - thanks for visiting! Many astrologers are saying the astrology just isn't what it use to be... What's coming - and what has been - is more dynamic and potent than ever, yet also very purposeful and impactful celestial aspects and alignments designed to assist us in stepping into and fill these big shoes we’ve been given... It all starts within... And most of us don't know how (because we haven't been taught) to do the necessary inner transformational work that allows for our greatest Divine Potential & Expression to unfold, to live a much more enjoyable life and to be the change they wish to see in the world. It all starts within, but we were given this whole life for this kind of self-mastery, so allow yourself to enjoy the process (journey!) as well. Check out my website for more info on how I can help you navigate the depths within to unleash the potential within!

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