NYE Sacred Sound Healing Collaboration & Intentional Circle

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Date(s) - 12/31/2017
7:45 pm - 10:45 pm

Awakenings Wellness Center



Looking for Something…Different than the Conventional…Something Sober, Conscious and High Vibe to Ring In the New Year?!


If so, then I’d like to invite you to our Gongs, Wind Pipes, Tibetan/Crystal Bowls (& More) Sacred Sound Healing Collaboration on NYE with optional Social Gathering & Intentional Circle afterward!

It’s also a Full Moon in Cancer, so the moon will energize us to play it up this New Year’s Eve, but being in Cancer, doing something cleansing, balancing and fulfilling for your energy field will help us become conscious/aware of and stabilize the intensity of emotions that may otherwise come up in a Full Moon in Cancer – for the moon is at home in watery, emotional Cancer…!

After the sound healing collaboration (if you wish to stay), we will enjoy a bit of socializing over complimentary food and non-alcoholic beverages/teas, and then close the evening in an intentional circle where we will go around in a circle to voice our intention for ourselves and for the world for this coming New Year. Sharing is of course optional.


What To Expect:
First we’ll also receive a Personal:
➡Shamanic Drum bath
➡Gong Bath
➡Rainstick & Wind Pipe Bath
…To loosen up and release the blocks and stagnating energy as any residual blockages will be shaken loose and broken up by powerful frequencies of the larger Paiste Gong…

Then we’ll bliss out to the 13 Singing Crystal Bowls that assist in cleansing and purifying your Body-Mind-Spirit, with Kevin Marshall then joining in with his grounding 16 Tibetan bowls as these sound healing frequencies bathe the very molecular structure of your Being in Loving Healing Light energy, bringing greater peace, balance and alignment within your Body-Mind-Spirit!

These various sound healing instruments will be played in such a way to allow you to journey within an intentional flow and experience that will shake loose the stagnation, dissipate the lower energies, and give you the opportunity to heal/transform at a deep, molecular level… (because when we get right down to it, that’s what we are made of – molecular energetic structures that respond to energy/frequencies! Open up to allow these frequencies to penetrate deep within the core of your being for a vibrationally pleasurable experience within that re-calibrates you back into greater alignment & harmony!

WHEN: Sunday NYE Dec 31st
TIME: 8pm-10pm Sound Healing Collaboration
(Optional, no extra cost) 10-10:20pm: Mingling, Free Food/Beverages
(Optional, no extra cost) 10:25-10:45pm: Intentional Closing Circle
PLACE: Awakenings Wellness Center
1016 SE 12th Ave, PDX

COST: $33 advance tickets, $40 at the door (or $33 at the door for a seated/backjack spot rather than a laying down spot)
Please Register Now to Save Your Spot! We sold out of laying down spots last New Year’s Eve…
Once you purchase via Paypal, you will be added to my “Paid” List, and no further action is require other than to show up! 🙂
If you wish to pre-pay another way, send me an email at Nicole@TrinitiHealing.com

NOTE: You will receive 100% refund if you personally cancel with me by 7:30pm December 31st, 2017 by emailing me at Nicole@TrinitiHealing.com
Because we are saving you a spot, there are no refunds for no shows, or anyone who cancels after 7:30pm Dec 31st, 2017.